Tuesday, 13 August 2013

PCDBL - colour me hospitalised ...

Bienvenue, wilkommen, welcome sports fans to the PCDBL blog.

With a mere 72 hours until it all kicks off (and I mean that literally; Ross Koch-McLovin, having lived for years with a highly suggestive surname and Godzilla jokes (he's HUGE) is rated 9.4 on the table-flipping scale) the teams are starting to post some honey shots.   Mmmm, work it for the camera!

Let's start with the pros ...

Team Rico's Roaches Coach Anton

Anton, as well as being the official Godfather of Dreadball at Phatcats is also a painting machine.  Seriously I think the man has invented some kind of time distortion device given the quality and quantity of the stuff he turns out.  On his blog you can find some cracking photos of Rico's Roaches who will be one of the teams in the featured matches from the first night of the league.  I'd recommend a browse through the rest of his stuff ... it's proper "Diary of a Mad Man" stuff and very entertaining!


Team Titanium Terrors Coach Stuart J

These vending machines of violence and violation have had their warm up games and are ready for the real thing.  What's the orx doing in the front of the picture you ask?  Target practice ...

Team Iron Sparkies Coach Jake
There's something timeless about about angry men in power armour, a timelessness that Jake has managed to capture in his team.  Will it still be apparent after they've been torn limb from limb?  Who knows - but lets see what they look like intact!

Team Crimson Corpse Creators Coach Coops

They're mean, they're green and they like it obscene its the Crimson Corpse Creators!  Look out for these bad boys in our featured match from the 15th August squaring up against Rico's Roaches.

Team Brutal Deluxe Coach Dan

Mmm, purple.  The colour of emperors, Centauri and and porn stars the world over.  It also looks alright on homicidal future sports teams too, or at least Dan thinks so.  Purple or not can Brutal Deluxe deliver when it matters though?  Only time will tell!

I don't know about you sports fans but I can smell the blood already!!

ParthianShot signing off!

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