Saturday, 3 August 2013

PCDBL - Kick Off Date!

All the try-outs, all the warm ups, all the "friendlies" played have led to this moment

PCDBL kicks off on 15th August!  

That's right sports fans, 15th August 2013 will see the league kick off at the Phat Cats regular club night.  Anticipation is high and the trash talk is flowing freely.  Whilst the teams prepare themselves let me take you through the league divisions and explain how its all going to hang together.

The teams are divided into four divisions of five teams and two conferences of two divisions.  Each team will play one league match against each of the teams in its division plus one game with a team from its sister division in its conference.

Teams will score 3 league points for a 7-0 landslide or 2 league points for any other win.  Losing teams get nothing except if they manage to score at least once  in a non-landslide victory in which case they get a single league point.

The top two teams for each division will then go forward into a knock out competition with the last team standing taking the title of PCDBL Champion for 2013.  There will also be prizes!

The league will be played on a modified Dreadball pitch.  The PCDBL has recently installed hyper kinetic ball launchers in place of the standard launcher making it very perilous indeed to stand on the launch hexes! In effect the ball launcher now counts as a ball thrown with the intent to injure.  Launch tests will be a standard 3D6 at 4+.  Players will be able to dodge (if they can see it coming!) but not catch it.

A panel of independent adjudicators drew the teams into their divisions so lets see how they look:

Alpha Division, Phat Conference

Panzerkrieg - Spencer
Brutal Deluxe - Dan
J-MEAT - Peter
Squat Thrust - Chris
<Zz'or> - Philip

Beta Division, Phat Conference

The Vaticlan - Austin
Psychotic Stunties - Lee O.
Helheim Serpents - Alaisdhair
Titanium Terrors - Stuart
Lady Destroying Behemoths - Ross Koch-McLovin

Delta Division, Cats Conference

Rico's Roaches - Ant
Crimson Corpse Creators - Cooper
Zhambel Horsemen - Rob H (aka Gimli)
Super Nashwan - Gaz
The Disrespecters - Darrell

Gamma Division, Cats Conference

Guttersnipe Racketeers - Lee U.
L.C.B.W. - Nick
Iron Sparkies - Jake
Olympiakos Paiderastes - Sonny the Greek
Jackhammers - Jack

I don't know about you sports fans but I'm positively dripping excitement!

One last thing - for your match commentaries I'll be handing the blog over to a couple of Dreadball legends

Elwood T. Bone: The retired star striker from the now defunct Tel Aviv Trepanners still holds the records for the most four point strikes in a single match and for the most cheerleaders impregnated in a single season.  Expect Elwood to be casting a probing eye over all things offensive (both in the game and off the pitch) and giving you the benefit of his years of experience albeit not all of which you would like him to share with you.

Kurt "Jaegerbomb" Spanghammer:  Consistently voted the most violent player in virtually every team he has played for (and he's played for a lot) Kurt's list of fatalities would make Ghengis Khan look like the Dalai Lama.  When he can keep his explosive rage under control, Kurt will be critically appraising the defensive aspects of the game.  There's a lot of wisdom in there once you take out all the expletives.

ParthianShot signing off!


  1. I just want to let you know that I am insanely jealous that you can field a league of 20 players.

  2. Honestly Rob its like trying to organise a bag of ferrets! Really annoying ferrets at that ... with personal hygiene problems ... and excessive "bite-iness"