Thursday, 26 September 2013

PCDBL - New team colours!

PCDBL Headquarters have just been issued with a new team photo for Zhambel Horsemen.  This Trontek style team had a very close first round match against the saucy ladies of Super Nashwan and now, in association with Brushmonkey Industries, they've just launched their new team strip!

Angry power armoured men ...

... and saucy minxes in tight body suits. 
The Horsemans' next match is against Rico's Roaches; how is that going to pan out?  Who can tell; but it is going to look very pretty!

I've been informed by Brushmonkey Industries that they will take commission work if you like what you see.  Contact can be made through this blog; just let me have your details and I'll pass them on for you!

ParthianShot out.

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