Thursday, 12 September 2013

PCDBL - Round one complete!

Welcome back sexy people to the PCDBL Blog.  The final round one results are in and I thought you would all like to see the tables so far.


TeamCoachRacePlayedStrike DifferenceLeague Points
Brutal DeluxeDanVoid Siren173
De ProfundisPhilZz'or102
Squat ThrustChrisForge Fathers101

Head Coach, Chris "Vegas Roller" Boulton had to call up his deputy coach, Guido Felatianus to stand in for this match and take the helm of the good ship Squat Thrust.  Reasons for his "indisposition" are circulating but mafia involvement and naughty ladies are the favoured candicates.  Who knows; maybe it was naughty mafia ladies!  In anycase the game turned out to be one of the closest we've since in the league so far.  A match report and the stats will follow shortly. In the meantime De Profundis' victory would have put them at the top of most divisions in the league but the presence of
J-MEAT and Brutal Deluxe has kept them firmly in third place.


TeamCoachRacePlayedStrike DifferenceLeague Points
The VaticlanAustinVeer-myn122
Psychotic StuntiesLee OswinForge Fathers122
Helheim SerpentsAlaisdhairForge Fathers1-21
Titanium TerrorsStuart JRobots1-21
Lady Destroying BehemothsRoss Koch-McLovinTrontek 29ers1-70


TeamCoachRacePlayedStrike DifferenceLeague Points
Super NashwanGazVoid Siren132
Rico's RoachesAntZz'orr112
The DisrespectersDarrellVeer-myn1-11
Zhambel HorsemenRob HowardTrontek 29ers1-31
Crimson Corpse CreatorsCoopsOrx1-10

Super Nashwan's epic match against the Zhambel Horsemen has seen them take the top spot in a very tight division.  Their next opponents, Crimson Corpse Creators issued a press released stating their intention to got for three kills a game and dominate the Bloody Fist player award whilst Super Nashwan have indicated that the Creators should bring plenty of Orx sized body bags; its shaping up to be a classic grudge match!  We will of course bring you the blow by blow account of every bone crunching moment!


TeamCoachRacePlayedStrike DifferenceLeague Points
Olympiakos PaiderastesSonnyTrontek 29ers173
JackhammersJack Robots112
Iron SparkiesJakeTrontek 29ers1-51
Guttersnipe RacketeersLee UptonVeer-myn1-70

Olympiakos Paiderastes super quick landslide win has put them in a commanding position at the top of Gamma Division.  The question we're all asking though is, does that just make them easier to target?  Yes would be my answer!


19th September sees the first MVP auction of the season and bidding is expected to be fierce.  Having taken a pounding in their first match and also squaring up to one of the richest teams in the league Titanium Terrors have pocketed a huge 25mc underdog bonus!  They could afford Gareth Bale's right leg for that!  At the other end of the scale J-MEAT blew their entire bank balance on a spare Judwan; there's been no Judwan casualties in the league so far but squaring off against the most violent team in the league, Psychotic Stunties, in their next match an extra body might just come in handy.

Brutal Deluxe and LCBW have focussed on the training needs of their teams, both recruiting an Offensive coach (aren't they all?).  Have two of the most experienced coaches in the league demonstrated tactical brilliance or will it be money down the toilet?  Only time will tell!

Stay tuned until next time sports fans when we'll be bringing you the auction results and the first round two matches with commentary from Elwood T. Bone and Kurt "Jaegerbomb" Spanghammer.

ParthianShot out!

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